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A company that pursues health from the nature

Royal Tonga Noni & MS Fucoidan

MS Global Bio Corporation is a company, specialized in health food such as Noni and Fucoidan.
Since its establishment in 2003, MS Global Bio Corporation constantly researches and develops for "the improvement of the quality of life and the realization of life extension" under the philosophy “Pursue Health from the Nature.”


Considering that Noni has been used as a traditional remedy for native people in the South Pacific for thousands of years, MS Global Bio Corporation has invested in local wild Noni farms with large-scale fermentation facilities in the Kingdom of Tonga, one of the top clean region of the South Pacific. The advantage of having our own Noni local farm is that it enables to give a stable supply and there is almost no influence by the external environment.

In addition, we always produce our Noni by the traditional method (ripe Noni at low temperature for long term) that the native have used no matter how it costs and it takes time. Also, we have acquired patent of this method in Korea (No.10-0955027: ripe Noni at low-temperature over 200 days).

Noni Products

Royal Tonga Noni - 100% Noni Juice that extracted by patent method
Noni Royal Tonga Noni Plus - Sweet Noni Juice with blueberries
Chaga Noni - Premium Noni juice upgraded with 1st class of Chaga Mushroom extract
Noni soap - 100% natural Noni soap for skin & body care
Noni mist - Noni mist for skin care
Noni mate - a powerful hangover drink containing 21.5% of ripen Noni liquid.



Fucoidan is a slippery substance that is extracted only from brown algae (Limu, Mekabu, Seaweeds, Sargassum fusiforme, etc.). Fucoidan was issued right after the Japanese Cancer Association announced “Fucoidan’s apoptosis effects on cancer cells” in 1996. Since then, Fucoidan has been recognized “very high value component” through various researches by scholars in the world. Even now, researches on Fucoidan actively progress and the new research results are announced every year

According to Technology Review, a innovation magazine in MIT, Glycomics that study Fucose, Mannose, Galactose, xylose, etc, which are main components of Fucoidan, is selected as one of ten emerging technologies that will change the world.

Among all the brown algae, the Limu(called “Mozuku” in Japanese) has the highest amount of Fucoidan but it exists only in limited area where are in the kingdom of Tonga and in Okinawa of Japan, etc. But, the 90% of Limu from Japan has been grown in cultivation type so the quality of Fucoidan from Japan limu is not comparative with 100% natural Tonga Limu.

With strong UV rays, the sea in Kingdom of Tonga has plentiful minerals and millions of microorganisms. In order to survive this circumstance, Tonga Limu produces higher molecule Fucoidan which means that Fucoidan from Tonga Limu has very high amount of Fucose and sulfate ion.

We harvest the Limu naturally grown in the Kingdom of Tonga, bring in to Korea, and produce high-purity Fucoidan by our patent technology that human body can absorb well (Patent No. 10-1386006: Fucoidan extraction and production method using Limu, the natural brown algae of South Pacific ).

Fucoidan Products

Amina Fucoidan – Fucoidan Juice that contains 90% of Fucoidan (Domestic Only)
MS Fucoidan 100 – 100% Fucoidan Powder
MS Fucoidan Signature – 50% Fucoidan Powder with 34% of AHCC, and 16% of Chaga Mushroom Extract Powder


As a trustful health food company, MS Global Bio Co., Ltd. will always do our best so that our customers can enjoy our food in confidence. In addition, we will widen our product selection by continuously researching and developing various products.

Please Stay healthy with MS Global Bio Corporation