MS Fucoidan 100

MS Fucoidan 100
    It has a high content of Fucose and sulfate ion, the core ingredients of Fucoidan, by extracting 100% of natural Limu through patent technology. Feel high amount of sulfate ion by a warm sensation in your mouth.

1. Fucoidan extracted by using 100% natural Limu

MS Global Bio Co., Ltd. has acquired the permission from the Tonga government for the harvest of natural Limu grown in Tonga. MS Global Bio extracts Fucoidan from 100% of Tonga natural Limu

2. patent technology for Fucoidan extraction

MS Global Bio extracts Fucoidan from Tonga natural Limu through patent technology (Patent No. 10-1386006: Fucoidan extraction and manufacturing method using the Limu of brown algae) for the best quality Fucoidan with the good molecular size (50,000 ~ 100,000). This technology helps to increase the absorption to the human body. The Fucoidan that we extracted has been proved to be effective against cancer through another patent (No. 10-2016-0016073: a composition for treating or preventing cancer including Limu extract)

3. High amount of sulfate ion.

Sulfate ion, a key substance of Fucoidan, makes a warm sensation when taking Fucoidan as powder. so, the more amount of sulfate ion in Fucoidan, the more warm sensation we can feel in the mouth.. The ppm of sulfate ion of MS Fucoidan 100 is as great as 12,400ppm, which indicates overwhelming sulfate amount, so please enjoy the warm sensation of MS Fucoidan 100 in your mouth when taking it.

4. Product quality control capability and safety through international certifications

Products are manufactured at our own factory (NO.640288) that has obtained SQF (Safe Quality Food), an international accreditation, and the quality is thoroughly controlled at the own research lab (No. 205111992). In addition, we have completed FDA product registration (NO.2023045) to retain excellence and safegy of products.