MS Fucoidan Signature

MS Fucoidan Signature
    Product that contains Fucoidan in which natural Limu is extracted from the Kingdom of Tonga in South Pacific through the patent technology, as well as AHCC, and Chaga mushroom extract powder altogether.

1. Fucoidan extracted by using natural Limu

MS Global Bio Co., Ltd. has acquired the permission from the Tongan government for the harvest of natural Limu grown in Tonga. MS Global Bio extracts Fucoidan from Tonga natural Limu through Fucoidan extract method (Patent No. 10-1386006: Fucoidan extraction and manufacturing method using the Limu of brown algae) for the best quality Fucoidan with the good molecular size (50,000 ~ 100,000) in order to increase the absorption to the human body. This Fucoidan extracted through this method has been proved to be effective against cancer through another patent (No. 10-2016-0016073: a composition for treating or preventing cancer including Limu extract)


As a glycosidic compound extracted by incubating the roots of shiitake in a large sterile liquid tank for 45 to 60 days, its main ingredient is composed of acetylated alpha-glucan, which has a small molecular weight, thus having an advantage of rapid absorption in the human body. It was recognized as "medical food" by the US Food and Drug Administration and as "functional raw material" by the Korea Food and Drug Administration.

3. Chaga mushroom extract powder

Chaga Mushroom has been used as traditional remedies since the 16th century by Siberian people, and currently is recognized as official medicines through various clinical trials. Since MS Global Bio uses the first grade Chaga Mushroom extract powder only, the amount of active ingredients in Chaga Mushroom such as Beta Glucan, SOD, Mineral, Betulinic Acid, etc. are really high.