Chaga Noni

Chaga Noni
    Chaga Noni is a premium Noni juice in which the biologically active substance has been further upgraded by adding Chaga mushroom extract power to the ripen Noni liquid produced through patent method.

1. Ripen Noni liquids produced by patent method are base of Chaga Noni.

MS Global bio has its own wild NoniI farm in the kingdom of Tonga. We only select yellowish white fruits of Noni, ripen them for more than 200 days, and wait until their raw juices drip.
This patent method (#10-0955027: let Noni ripen in natural conditions and take pure 100% crude-liquid juice as it drops naturally) brings low productions and requires a lot of time but we try hard to stick with this method to extract pure 100% crude-liquid juice that has the highest concentration.

2. Use first class of Chaga Mushroom extract powder only

MS Global Bio Corporation has contracted with Vikal Herb Corporation in Russia to get steady supply of Chaga mushroom extract powder.
Vikal Herb company does all the processes(collect, extract, dry, and process) in its own factory in Irkutsk.
They use low-temperature pressing method while extracting Chaga Mushroom and they use Freezing drying method when pulverizing Chaga Mushroom extract powder.
With low-temperature pressing and freezing drying method, the active ingredients in Vikal Herb’s Chaga Mushrrom Extract Powder are superior to others.
According to Component analysis, its chromogen amount is over 51% where the standard of 1st class chaga mushroom’s Chromogen complex amount is 10%.

3. Proven antioxidant ability

Chaga Noni has been proved to have an antioxidant effect through the patent (No. 10-1888098: Antioxidant beverage containing Noni extract and Chaga mushroom extract powder, and its production method).

4. Quality management ability through Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification and FDA inspection

Products are manufactured at our own factory (No. 640288) that acquired SQF, which is an international accreditation, and the quality control is thoroughly conducted at our research center (No. 2015111992).
In addition, Chaga Noni has tested the Food Inspection of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA registration number: 2023045) to raise the product excellence and safety.