Noni Mate

Noni Mate
    A strong hangover drink containing ripen Noni liquid produced by patent method and other ingredients such as oriental raisin tree, kudzu, non-gemmule soybeans and alder tree, which are known as good for hangover.

1. Contains 21.5% of ripen Noni liquid

The components in Noni, proxeronin, scopolletin, and iridoid are known to enhance liver function and helps a hangover. The more Noni ripe, the more biologically active substances are.
With ripen Noni liquid over 200 days through the patent method (Patent No. 10-0955027: Select only yellowish white fruits of noni, ripen them for more than 200 days, and wait till their raw juice drips), NoniMate is a powerful hangover drink that has upgraded its function for relief for hangover.

2. Used the ingredients good for hangover as supplementary materials, including oriental raisin tree, kudzu, non-gemmule soybeans extract and alder tree.

- Oriental raisin tree fruit is rich in Hovenitin, an effective ingredient to relieve the hangover, and is effective for alcoholysis and prevention of liver damage, and is widely used to detoxify alcohol.
- In the case of hangover relief, which is the most typical efficacy of kudzu, it is known that alcohol is decomposed by the Catechin ingredient, and the Daidzin ingredient helps to detoxify the alcohol.
- Non-gemmule soybeans extract is fermented yeast of Non-gemmule soybeans, which is known to have the effect of activating the metabolism of alcohol in the body
- Alder tree helps to relieve the hangover by decomposing alcohol that came into the body and helping the liver. In particular, some of the diarylheptanoids in the alter tree are known to have hepatocellular protective action.