Noni Soap

Noni Soap Natural 100

1. Ripen Noni liquids produced by patent method are base of Noni Soap.

MS Global bio has its own wild Noni farm in the kingdom of Tonga. We only select yellowish white fruits of Noni, ripen them for more than 200 days, and wait until their raw juices drip.
This patented method (#10-0955027: let Noni ripen in natural conditions and take pure 100% crude-liquid juice as it drops naturally) brings low productions and requires a lot of time but we try hard to stick with this method to extract pure 100% crude-liquid juice that has the highest concentration.

2. Use all vegetable ingredients

With 15% of ripen Noni liquid, we only use vegetable ingredients(Coconut oil, Aloe, Jojoba oil, and Hyaluronic acid)

3. Forms skin protective film, antioxidant, holds antibacterial subtances.

It helps to reduce skin problem and cosmetic problems.