Royal Tonga Noni

Royal Tonga Noni

1. The only company in Korea that owns its wild Noni farm in the Kingdom of Tonga

MS Global Bio Co., Ltd. owns a wild Noni farm in the Kingdom of Tonga. The Kingdom of Tonga is the cleanest area in the world, which is rich in minerals due to the volcanic soil.
With this clean environment, and rich minerals in the ground, Noni in Tonga is very rich in active ingredients and the size of the Noni fruit is 4 times bigger compared to the Noni fruit grown in Southeast Asia.

2. (Original) patent Noni ripen method

We only select yellowish white fruits of Noni, ripen them for more than 200 days, and wait until their raw juices drip.
This patented method (#10-0955027: let Noni ripen in natural conditions and take pure 100% crude-liquid juice as it drops naturally) brings low productions and requires a lot of time but we try hard to stick with this method to extract pure 100% crude-liquid juice that has the highest concentration.

3. Quality management ability through SQF (Safe Quality Food)and FDA inspection

Products are produced at our own factory (No. 640288) that acquired SQF, which is an international accreditation, and the quality control is thoroughly conducted at our research center (No. 2015111992).
In addition, Royal Tonga Noni has tested the Food Inspection of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA registration number: 203095) to raise the product excellence and safety.

4. Overwhelming Customer Satisfaction

There have been about 10,000 purchase reviews of Royal Tonga Noni at "MS Global Bio Store Farm" in Naver, which was opened in July 2016, with customer satisfaction as high as 98%.
Currently, Royal Tonga Noni is called “Notong = Noni president” by Korean consumers for its efficacy and effectiveness.
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